Home Rentals

Need more space? Below is a list of home rentals in the Wilson area:

One Bedroom One Bathroom 

313 Merrick $365 per month******

309 Merrick $365 per month****

 *****One Month Free Rent on One Bedroom One Bath Houses*******

Two Bedrooms One Bathrooms House:

 1005 Corbett Ave $565 per month

608 Crowell St $450 per month

Two Bedrooms Two Bathroom House:

1604 Gold St $625 per month

Three Bedrooms One  Bathroom House:

703 Selma St $595 per month

711 Denby St $550 per month

206 Powell St $495 per month

Three Bedrooms Two Bathrooms House:

616 Caldwell  $695 per month

 915 Gold St $695 per month

904 Briggs $625 per month